John Wick Bluy-ray Release Will Feature Dolby Atmos

I don’t know how I missed it before, but looking at the information available on the Blu-ray release details of John Wick, staring Keenu Reeves, we can see that it will feature a Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

With a release date of February 3rd, it will become the fifth movie release for home theater with Dolby Atmos track.

I updated the list of Blu-ray movies with Dolby Atmos present on the site with the related information.

2 thoughts on “John Wick Bluy-ray Release Will Feature Dolby Atmos”

  1. This was my 1st encounter with Dolby Atmos in a theater. A mind blowing experience to say the least. Now having this title in my collection is an event to everyone when I boot my system up to perform. A must buy for the action lovers and thrill seekers!

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