Oblivion, Lucy and Lone Survivor UHD confirmed for August 9th

We already knew Universal was planning a bunch of Ultra HD Blu-ray titles, and they now have announced the first ones to come out in August.

Lucy and Oblivion will feature a Dolby Atmos soundtrack as they were originally presented that way in theater. Lucy had that track available on the Hong Kong version of the Blu-ray and for having tested it it’s a very agressive Atmos soundtrack, one of the best I heard. For Oblivion, it will be the first time the movie is released with Atmos at home.

Lone Survivor on its side will feature a newly created DTS:X soundtrack.

There’s really a trend of Atmos being used for native Atmos movies in theaters and DTS:X for remixes (and the limited number of theater releases in the format).

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I updated the different lists on the site to reflect that new information.