Mummy Trilogy in 4K, Patriots Day in DTS:X and other news

Another week of interesting announcements in Ultra HD Blu-ray and for object-based audio.

Ultimate Mummy Trilogy

Universal will release a boxset of the three Mummy movies on Ultra HD Blu-ray on May 16. There is a rumour going around that all of them will feature DTS:X, but I’ll confirm as soon as the press release is out. There will also be individual editions of each movie, but the timing has not been confirmed for them.

Patriots Day

The action movie from Lionsgate will be released on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray on March 28 with a new DTS:X soundtrack as the movie was not released in theaters with object-based audio.

The Great Wall

The Universal movie starring Matt Damon will be available on Ultra HD Blu-ray. No release date or audio format has been confirmed yet.


Not really a surprise, but pre-orders for the latest X-Men movie are now available for all formats including Ultra HD Blu-ray.

6 thoughts on “Mummy Trilogy in 4K, Patriots Day in DTS:X and other news”

  1. I hope Logan has its Dolby Atmos track for the UHD. I would cancel my pre-order if it doesn’t but I think Fox gets it now. Thanks for keeping us informed and please let us know if you hear anything about Logan’s Atmos mix. You’re the best Steve!

  2. Talking about logan Only… Can’t say anything for great wall… But currently WB,UNIVERSAL, LIONSGATE, They are providing atmos and dts X for both disks like mad max fr, san Andreas, Warcraft, the last witch hunter etc.. So chances are good… 80-90% chances for atmos/ dtsX for great wall on both disks…

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