Pitch Perfect Trilogy Coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray with DTS:X

Quick update of the site today to let you know that Universal will release the 3 Pitch Perfect movies on Ultra HD Blu-ray on March 20. All 3 UHD releases will offer a DTS:X soundtrack and the Blu-ray of the 3rd movie will also offer DTS:X.

For the first two movies it’s a brand new object based audio as the movies were not offered in theatres with Atmos nor DTS:X. In the case of the most recent movie, it’s actually one of the rare cases where a theatrical Atmos release is transitionned to DTS:X for home.

Please note that I also added Ferdinand UHD to the list of Dolby Atmos titles and listed the third Maze Runner movie to the list of upcoming UHD titles as Amazon is already taking preorders for it.


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