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ButtKicker Mini LFE Review

After hearing a lot of different opinions about bass transducers for home theatre, I finally decided to experiment them for myself by order a set of Buttkicker Mini LFEs.

The starter kit includes the BKA-130-C amplifier, which provides 45W into 4 ohms or 90W into 2 ohms and two Mini LFE transducers, rated for up to 250W of power input.

What are bass transducers

If like me, you didn’t know much about home theatre tactile bass transducers, they actually take the sound out of your AV Receiver, ideally from the LFE or .1 channel, and transform sound into vibration. To set this up, you install the transducers on your seats by fixing them directly to the seat structure and connect them with speaker wire to the provided amplifier. By using a RCA Y adapter or by using different LFE outputs from your receiver, you connect the subwoofer output to the amplifier.

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