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ButtKicker Mini LFE Review

After hearing a lot of different opinions about bass transducers for home theatre, I finally decided to experiment them for myself by order a set of Buttkicker Mini LFEs.

The starter kit includes the BKA-130-C amplifier, which provides 45W into 4 ohms or 90W into 2 ohms and two Mini LFE transducers, rated for up to 250W of power input.

What are bass transducers

If like me, you didn’t know much about home theatre tactile bass transducers, they actually take the sound out of your AV Receiver, ideally from the LFE or .1 channel, and transform sound into vibration. To set this up, you install the transducers on your seats by fixing them directly to the seat structure and connect them with speaker wire to the provided amplifier. By using a RCA Y adapter or by using different LFE outputs from your receiver, you connect the subwoofer output to the amplifier.

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Making HDTV viewing at night more enjoyable

Here’s a common scenario that use to happen a lot at my house. It’s finally night time, the kids went to bed for the night and my wife and I get ready to start watching the next TV show episode we’ve been binge watching (it’s Nashville those days, go figure, I’m now a country fan!).

I shut down the lights, start Netflix and bam : my wife asks for the living room lights to stay on so that the TV viewing experience is not too agressive on the eyes. There goes the theater-like ambiance…

While researching other topics recently on avsforum, I stumbled upon a couple of review of bias lightning solution to improve the HDTV viewing experience. I was skeptical at first, but finally decided to ordered a set of Antec Bias Lightning leds for my new Sony 4K TV.


The installation is pretty simple, just use the adhesive paper behind it to install behind the TV and use any available USB port on the TV to power the strip. Ideally your TV will enable or disable power on the strip automatically when you start and shutdown the TV. It’s not the case with my Sony, so I need to use the small switch provided, which is a small annoyance.

The usage of lightning behind the TV really helps with keeping the lights shut while watching TV. Some mention improved contrats and colours, I wouldn’t go so far to be honest, but the experience of night watching is really improved by the lights.

The result on my side ? My wife now asks for the lights directly, no mode light debates 🙂

A small trick I wanted to share that really improved my viewing experience.