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LG UltraHD Blu-ray Player UP970 Dolby Vision Firmware Released Yet Again

Note: It’s back ! The firmware has been released again, with the region issue fixes.

Note: As of this February 7th, the firmware update has been pulled once again, so if you did not update your player before, you’re out of luck again. It seems that the update was changing the Blu-ray region from B to A in Europe, so it could be the reason why.

Quick post to let you know that LG finally released for a second time the Dolby Vision firmware upgrade this morning for their UP970 Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The firmware was initially released for a very brief period last fall, but was pulled because of unknown reasons.

I quickly confirmed this morning that everything was working well, so know it will be time for some Ultra HD Blu-ray listening in Dolby Vision, starting with Westworld Season 1.