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KEF Q Series 2017 Speakers Review

Note : Before going any much further in this article, I need to clearly state that this is not intended as an audio expert opinion on the speakers. I’m not equipped, nor competent enough, to do a professional review on speakers. So don’t expect frequency response curves and other graphs, this is really more of a gut feeling article on the speakers after a couple weeks of having them in my dedicated room.

As the typical cycle of theatre room upgraditis hit me over the Holidays, I finally decided it was time to move away from my current Cerwin Vega speaker configuration and try a couple of other brands. Thanks to the advice of Rob over at the AVRant podcast, I decided to sample a couple of speaker brands, including KEF, which I honestly did not know much about other than what I heard about them on that podcast.

I started my testing between multiple brands including my existing Cerwin Vega SL series by ordering a center speaker from each brand and doing blind AB testing between them with a speaker selector box driven by my son. The result was strongly in favour of the KEF center, which made me move forward with a full upgrade in the room. I actually recognized and preferred the KEF over the other brands more than 90% of the time and even my wife confirmed with her own blind test.

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