DTS:X Blu-ray Movies

This is the list of released or announced DTS:X Blu-ray movies :

Already released


3:10 to Yuma UHD


Adventurers, The

American Made

American Made UHD

American Ultra

Apollo 13 UHD

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde UHD


Battleship UHD

Big Short, The


Bourne Identity, The UHD

Bourne Legacy, The UHD

Bourne Supremacy, The UHD

Bourne Ultimatum, The UHD


Crimson Peak


Daddy’s Home

Despicable Me UHD

Despicable Me 2 UHD

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 UHD

Divergent UHD

Dracula Untold UHD




Ex Machina

Ex Machina UHD


Fast & Furious 6 UHD

Fate of the Furious, The

Fate of the Furious, The UHD

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker UHD

Fifty Shades of Grey UHD

Furious 7 UHD


Get Out UHD

Girl on the Train, The

Girl on the Train UHD, The

God of War

Gods of Egypt 3D

Gods of Egypt 2D

Gods of Egypt UHD


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone UHD

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets UHD

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban UHD

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire UHD

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix UHD

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince UHD

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 UHD

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 UHD

How the Grinch Stole Christmas UHD

Huntman’s: Winter War, The

Huntman’s: Winter War, The UHD


Independence Day UHD

Ip Man 3


Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne UHD 


King Kong UHD

Kung Fu Yoga


Last Witch Hunter, The

Last Witch Hunter, The UHD

London Has Fallen

Lone Survivor UHD


Mummy Ultimate Trilogy UHD




Patriots Day

Patriots Day UHD

Purge, The UHD

Purge, The : Anarchy UHD

Purge, The : Election Year UHD


Serenity UHD

Snow White & The Huntsman UHD


Van Helsing UHD


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Wolf Warrior 2


Zoolander 2




Straight Outta Compton UHD (February 6)


Announced but no release date yet

None at this moment


185 thoughts on “DTS:X Blu-ray Movies”

      1. Please can you also update me with future movies that are DTS X coded.Awaiting for the Onkyo TXRZ810 to be delivered on the 3rd of June.this has been 30years listening to surround sound and as a vinyl and valves crackpot nothing has ever came close for audio pleasure.Surround sound always ripped my head off,even a demo of a £125,000 Linn bridged system.Surley DTS X is the answer for my surround sound headache for now?How many different picture with sound formats will the consumer put up with until they get it right.

          1. Thanks,DTS X only in America,can you help me source a player that is multi-region, high-end multi- audio192kHz/32bitPlayback-CD,HD,SACD,BLU RAY-AUDIO,DVD-AUDIO,dual discs,and any other near future high end digital formats.Needs to be high res 4K with DTS X , Doldy Atmos ,THX and any other future prof codecs.
            As I live in Britain this is the only alternative to try and get my hand on DTS X and plays back all my audio discs. Got about £1200 pounds to invest and wont to get this right can you help.Told you Vinyl- less headache and plays anywhere on the planet

          2. Hello ! There is not a lot of options for you right now there is two 4K Players available, the Samsung UBD-8500 and the Panasonic DMP-UB900. Both will support 4K, DTSX and Dolby Atmos. Neither supports SACD and DVD Audio. So sadly you’re limited for now, I would recommend waiting for the new Oppo players upcoming at the end of the year.

          3. Thanks again,if I understand you,it will be a 4K version of the current Oppo BDP-150D.Can you tell me If these players will be multi-regional and DTS X. It will be worth the wait if it is and save me a lot of tears.

          4. There will be a 4K player coming from Oppo yes. No work yes on multi-region (which is only important for Blu-ray as UltraHD Blu-ray is already region free). And yes DTS:X will work, as it’s the same as reading a DTS-HD Master Audio track for the player.

        1. Hi Steve, back in the UK I am looking to order the Oppo 203 4K player to get all the features as discussed as well as DTSX. Do you know anything about Doldy vision that this model supports. And anything regarding a Oppo 205 4K player for the UK before I Spend my money.

          1. Hello ! As far as I heard, the Oppo 203 is not confirmed yet for Dolby Vision. They say the hardware performance can support it but they haven’t solved it yet with Dolby in term of certification.

            The 205 has been confirmed as coming, but no details and any date yet.


        2. My Onkyo TX-RZ710 is coming on July 3rd! I do love DTS as a format, but of course that receiver also has Dolby ATMOS and there are a ton of movies in that format to satisfy the NexGen audio cravings! I currently have a pioneer receiver that only has Dolby ATMOS and I absolutely love it, but I’m looking forward to having DTS X as another option as well with the Onlyo!!! Rock on!!!!

  1. My Pioneer SCLX59 has a neat DTS X logo on the front left hand corner of my AV Receiver, sitting in my lounge – just got to get my hands on some material such as this. time to order from Amazon.com to Amazon.co.uk unless I can find these two in the UK.

    1. Please remember that even if the DTS:X logo is there, the firmware has not been released yet, so it would not do anything for you to order those until the update is ready, which will not be before next year.

  2. nevermind, i read that onkyo has dts:x firmware installed on their latest receivers. but it could be misinformation because it reads as ‘supporting dts:x’. steve?

  3. My Yamaha receiver, RX-V671, has the height channel inputs and I added speakers to it.,The firmware was updated in November of this year. They are not Atmos speakers and it sounds great with the new Transformer movie. But my receiver is not Atmos or DTS X rated. Does the firmware make a difference?

    1. Hi Gerald,

      The height presence speakers present on past receivers from Yamaha were used to generate a enveloping effect through DSP processing on the content, not to use Dolby Atmos / DTS-X native content.

      No firmware update can change this, if you want to have native Atmos content (and DTS:X next year) you would need to change the receiver.

      But you’re right those presence effects do work well.


        1. Yamaha just released DTS-X new firmware 1.77 on 3/30/16. On the screen it reads. NEURAL-X. Makes a difference even on SACDs, but not s great deal on regular music CDs. Took just a few minutes to update off a USB Drive on my 3050. Best of luck

  4. Hi There,
    I have LG Bh9430pw HTIB which comes with upward firing speaker in front and rear. Does it has capability to support DTS X or atmos. Can some pls help to clarify me. Or is there anyway I can upgrade with my current system.

    1. Hi Vicky, sadly this system does not support Atmos and will not support DTS:X. To be able to support those formats you would require a new receiver that does support both formats and additional solutions for speakers as even those are upfiring but with what seems like a proprietary LG system, not compatible with Atmos upfiring.

  5. I am listening to this ”SOUND CHANGES THE WAY WE SEE” page from Dts. wich supports this feature(i gess?) So what do i need for the full DTS:X experience at home watching this on a 4K ambilight??

    my gess so far
    A receiver(media center?) Dts:x ready
    10 speakers?
    and software to update the mediacenter for the full expierence?

    1. Hi Michael, if I’m not mistaken, this page if for DTS Headphone X, which only works with Headphones, so just plug your headphones in and you will be able to experiences it. For a simulated system, it’s pretty cool.

  6. Hi,

    I have the Yamaha Avantage RX-A1050 receiver which supports Dolby Atmos and should also support DTS:X acoording to the specs on the Yamaha website.
    I’m looking for some DTS:X downloadable samples to check if DTS:X is indeed working and how it sounds on this receiver.
    Is there any downloadable test samples available on the net ?
    I don’t want to buy the blu-ray of ex-machina as I already saw that movie in the cinema.

    1. Hello Stefan,

      The DTS:X update for the Yamaha receiver is coming later in March and is not available yet. So no need to test this for now.

      There is no downloadable sample that I know of yet sadly either, will let you know if I find some.


  7. Just so you know Onkyo owners can expect the firmware at the end of this month. That was their answer when I enquired directly. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any DTS:X Blu-Rays in the UK yet though.

    1. thank you for your email.

      We are expectig the update end of february from DTS studios.

      Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Sincere Regards

      Customer Care

      Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH
      Gutenbergstraße 3
      82178 Puchheim / Germany

      Tel. : +49-8142-4208-11
      Deutsch: twitter.com/ONKYO_DE | facebook.com/OnkyoDE |

  8. When I rang Onkyo Europe one week ago, the answer I got was that an announcement would be made before the end of March 2016, and firmware for supported models would get rolled out by the end of June 2016.

    1. It’s disappointing to hear mixed messages. February would be fine but June! I’m far too impatient for that! Fingers crossed it’s the former and not the latter. Cheers

      1. Thanks, I’ll keep checking. I spoke with Oppo yesterday to confirm my BDP-103 would support DTS-X but they don’t have a receiver that supports it either to test on.

          1. That’s what I wanted to confirm with them, and they said they suspected as much, but they couldn’t actually confirm it themselves as they don’t have anything to decode it 🙂

  9. Specifically:


    Atmos will work in Bit Stream, but we have not yet confirmed if DTS-X will work. We have a receiver that is advertised as supporting DTS-X through firmware upgrade, and we have upgraded it several times, but we do not know if these updates actually added DTS-X or not.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Service

  10. Seen this on line

    DTS:X will be activating its first two AVR brands via firmware updates, including Denon’s AVR-X7200W (January 28), the AVR-X6200W, and the AVR-X4200W receivers (February 18). In addtion, Marantz’ AV8802A pre-amplifier on (February 4), Marantz SR7010 and SR6010 AVRs (March 3), and the Marantz AV7702mkII pre-amplifier (March 3) will all activate DTS:X


  11. I have just purchased the new pioneer sc-lx89 with dts-x logo on the front , any news on a likely time frame for an update would be nice . I did send them a support message in regards to a possible date , but got no response.

  12. Steve,
    My Denon’s AVR-X62000W firmware will be updated on Feb. 18th. The news was released by Denon and DTS. I cant wait. I’ve already been getting my hands on everything that is DOLBY Atmos and it is awesome. My question is after I download the firmware upgrade to DTS:X, will my receiver automatically play either DOLBY ATMOS or DTS:X depending on the best available soundtrack on the bluray or will i have to choose one format over the other?

    1. Hi Jorge,

      The disc contains the soundtrack in either format (DTS:X or Dolby Atmos) for the native mix, so you need to use the format on the disc.

      The upmixers are a different thing though. You’ll be able to use DTS Neural:X on DTS content (DTS, DTS HD MA) and Dolby Surround on Dolby content (Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD). You’ll be able to use either of them on PCM content.

      Note this is a Denon/Marantz limitation for now, we don’t know if the same limitation for upmixers will apply on Yamaha, Onkyo and the others.


  13. Hello
    What to do with a Krell Foundation 4K 7.1 to improve or set up or adapt or whatever to deliver DOLBY:X , Atmos and Aura 3D. I wanted Krell for the Audio quality I believe is not met by Denon Onkyo Pioneer that are all big boxes consumer stuff like Best buy in the US. I hate “going back” from what I trust to be an audiophile system down to public stuff no offence, since I did own a highend Denon and can tell the difference with EVO 707 3D or other great Krell Processors such as the Foundation with a Chorus 7200 plus a TAS for the extra speakers to drive Martin Logan.
    I hate to be stuck to wait or pray Krell upgrades the Foundation (where will it stick the extra outputs for the speakers – no room on the back). My idea was one of a “box” to go between whatever and who knows what to extract the DTS NEURAL X. That’d be magic.
    Sorry if I wasn’t as clear as I wished.

    1. Hi Roberto,

      Yes I understand our ask, sadly there’s no real option to do what you are asking for, as the processor is the piece responsible to do the NeuralX/Dolby Surround upscaling and DTS X/Atmos processing. So until they do update to support it (and again how could they without a new processor is puzzling as they don’t have any extra output posts as you say), you have a choice between changing brand or skipping DTS/Atmos.

      I understand your feelings about wanting to stay with a brand you like 😐


  14. I exchanged a further email with Onkyo Europe and got this reply – “The firmware enabling DTS:X in Onkyo AVRs is in the latter stages of development. We continue to work closely with DTS and its manufacturing partners and intend to make an official announcement of a release date in early stage of 2016.”

    1. Just spoke to Denon about my x2200w and they said the update is going to be Mid Summer. I asked if that meant August but they would only say Mid Summer.

  15. Contacted Onkyo Europe on phone again for word on the DTS:X update on their NR-646 model and got told that in the same sentence that it could be as early as first or second week of March or even June. Basically they have no clue on when this update will be available.

    1. Hello !

      Last version from Onkyo (from the FB page in the comments) is now Summer 2016 ! Which could go up to September… What a letdown from Onkyo on this ! I am so happy to have moved to D+M !


      1. Hey Steve, I,ve been following your thread for awhile, contacted Onkyo a few times since last year they just point to DTS.

        What a downer !!!
        Is DTS really responsible for the delayed rollout or is it Onkyo?

  16. I’ve been holding out buying the Marantz 7010 for some time now, hoping to get a demo- or at least a positive review on the latest tech. All the local brick-and-mortar hifi shops got eaten up by Best Buy, and those clowns are clueless!

    Even the sales staff assume since the logo is on the unit, it’s already installed. I’ve been revisiting this blog for several months, and now it sounds like people have actually loaded the firmware, but still no comments…. I don’t know if that’s because they’re too busy playing with the new toy, or it’s so Godawful, than it’s not worthy of comment.

  17. Updated my Yamaha Rxa-3050 with new DTS-X firmware this past weekend. Will let you know how it does. Have a true 7.1.4 set up. 11 full channels and separate sub. Really want to find good demo or movie to test…none so far listed interest me.

      1. Hi Steve:

        Well, everyone except Pioneer and Onkyo have joined the party. Any word on when they’ll get on board? I would think soon as the will start losing new business. Thank.

      2. Steve, this is Art. I have seen 5-6 DTS-X movies now on my Yamaha Rxa-3050 and I think you hit the nail on the head. Crimson Peak has the most noticeable overhead sound. The bathtub scene had great emersion. Wind and weather was all encompassing too. Thanks.

  18. Just seen this on pioneer Eu.

    New firmware Update for Pioneer AV Receivers
    01. April 2016
    New firmware Update for Pioneer AV Receivers. Firmware update to support dts:X™ available on various Pioneer AV Receivers this summer. Doesn’t specify
    What models , but would assume it would be for sc-lx 89 and the two other new sc-lx models .

      1. Called Onkyo UK last week to inquire about the DTS:X firmware update. I was told that that the update has been pushed to Autumn 2016 now.

  19. Steve,
    Do you know if a PlayStation 4 will pass DTSX to my RX-A3050? It does play Atmos, it it sounds great.
    Thanks, Leleand

  20. Since updating firmware to my RX-A3050 Yamaha amp,i have a problem with my Sony S 5000ES Blu-ray play ,it shows Dts Master Audio as Pcm on the amp.My 2 Oppo players a Bdp105 and Bdp 93 are fine.(DTS.X firmware)

        1. I’ve read similar issues with the multi-disc changers from Sony since the DTS:X upgrade on D+M receivers, so maybe it’s a similar issue ? From what I read its related to HDMI EDID information being wrong…

  21. Excellent page, keep the list updated please.

    I do wonder, however, about the releases with DTS Headphone:X tracks. How to find info on these? I know Ex Machina is released with this track, but how about others? There is a DTS demo track volume 20 that features a lot of demo tracks from movies, does this mean all those movies come with DTS Headphone:X track or will?

    1. Hi Dare !

      Thanks for the feedback.

      As far as I’ve seen, I think all of the new releases do come with Headphone:X, I’m just not sure about American Ultra.

      I’ll let you know if this changes.


  22. Still terrible support for DTS-X on Blu-ray outside US!

    ‘Crimson Peak’ is the only DTS-X title available in the UK.
    DTS don’t answer enquirers on the subject, and nobody is publishing details in advance of the disc street dates, so if you pre-order you have no way of knowing if you’ll get DTS-X or not.

    Big let down after so much hype, and a costly AV Receiver replacement. I expected much better.

    1. Thanks James, this is really interesting, I didn’t know from here in Canada how much you were affected over there. We do have some hiccups here too (American Ultra and Ex Machina did not include DTS:X here), but at least we can order from the US.

      I agree with you, DTS is not good from a communication standpoint in that crisis.

  23. please could you include, on this page next to each title, which Blu-Ray regions (A, B, C or “all”) have the DTS:X soundtrack?

    This is because it’s really frustrating to discover (for example) that Ex Machina doesn’t have DTS:X unless you’re in Region A. I nearly bought it and only discovered at the last second that the Region B rip-off version has the DTS:X soundtrack missing.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Mike,

      For now I’m only covering region A, so it’s only US related titles (that’s why links are to Amazon.com). I plan to add other region titles, but right not my time is a bit limited 😐


  24. Sadly, support for DTS-X titles in UK/Europe is terrible, and all the US titles seem to be locked to zone ‘A’. Nobody is publishing any details about DTS-X Blu-ray releases for any territories outside North America. DTS doesn’t appear to care, and won’t answer any requests for details of up and coming titles for UK/Europe. It’s very disappointing. ‘Crimson Peak’ is so far the only DTS-X title released in the UK – not a very note-worthy film.

  25. The UK Blu-ray release of the ‘The Big Short’ features a DTS-X audio track. Some nice surround sound ambience, but very little use of the overheads.

    1. i allready thought it was a waste of discspace to present it in dts:x but on the other side people cant do much wrong in the mixing room with the soundtrack cause its such a linear movie.

  26. Zoolander 2 had a pretty good soundtrack. The DTS X overhead effects were used effectively & convincingly. Most notable is the “glitter bomb” scene which has confetti floating down from the ceiling. Daddy’s Home, on the other hand, is just not the type of movie where DTS X can show its true potential. Just the opinion of a guy running it thru a DTS X receiver with a 5.2.4 setup.

          1. yes…Because For ME DTS sounds A lot Better than TrueHD or DD…DTS-X is Fully Backward Compatible.. DTS-X>HD-MA> 1536 Core…so If U are not Supported for X u Can Still Get Super Lossless HD-MA or for lower END 1536 Core DTS From Same Track But In Atmos… its ATMOS/TrueHD …For lower end u need 640 Kbps DD… *joke* we all know what is 640 DD and 1536 DTS….last but not least DTS-HD X/MA Sounds a lot Better ..Surround Speaker Usage Is Good.. and i love the mix Of GODS OF EGYPT
            Well.. it’s your choice what’s ur pick ATMOS or DTS-X…..

          2. TrueHD and DTS-HD MA are two lossless codecs which technically sound exactly the same. So DTS:X and Atmos are basically also the same in term of quality. Even more, right now, most of the DTS:X tracks on the market are not object based but only channel based.

          1. okay.. i will compare this BvS atmos with Man Of Steel’s DTS HD MA 7.1…For very Equal Competition …I will Compare Atmos’s trueHD 7.1 Core With DTS HD MA 7.1 of MoS..Let’s See…. Which One Will Sound Better… Excited…!!!!!

  27. JUST CAME ACROSS YOUR WEBSITE. AND LOVE IT. I AM RECEIVING THE YAMAHA RX-A860, ALSO ORDERED ONKYO ATMOS SPEAKERS, WILL BE ONLY UTILIZING 2 atmos SPEAKERS. I WANT TO TRY AND CONNECT 7 SPEAKERS totally, and 2 SUBWOOFERS, AND 2 ATMOS SPEAKERS IN FRONT ON SPEAKERS. THIS SHOULD BE OKAY, YES? I realize the receiver states can do a 7.2.2., yes? THANK YOU. -Paul, NY, USA : Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – 1:10 am EST / P.S. Are You in Britain? Sorry to hear about your PM. And I’ve been there twice. Loved it.

  28. Latest news from pioneer is .

    Firmware update to support dts:X ™ available on various Pioneer multichannel receivers from September 2016.
    21. July 2016
    Pioneer wants to inform all owners of a dts:X ™ prepared multi-channel receiver of 2015 and 2016 generation about the fact that the DTS firmware update to decode dts:X ™ originally announced for autumn 2015 by DTS, will now be available soon.

  29. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X do not require UHD blu ray player……just bitstream audio from your blu Ray player to any a-v receiver that decodes Dolby Atmos and/or DTS:X. I have Oppo 103 and a new Yamaha 3060 a-v receiver and the audio is decoded correctly, and amazing by the way after installing 4 additional ceiling speakers.

  30. Hi,

    Just got DTS:X update for my Denon AVR-X2200W tonight, where can I buy non-UHD with DTS:X movie(s) as I don’t have one..? The Last Witch Hunter (DVD, 2016, 2-Disc DTS-X, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray), will it play with my old Bluray player? Any chance getting DTS:X movies from the EU?

    Thx in advance!


    1. Hi, I tried to update to DTS:X firmware through LAN but it keeps displaying `Update retry >>>’ and thereafter it says `Connectionfailed24′!! Please let me know the solution…lot of other people are also having the same problem!

  31. It appears that a couple of the movie links listed above go to the wrong movie on Amazon.com.

    American Ultra = Ex Machina on Amazon
    Crimson Peak = The Last Witch Hunter on Amazon


  32. Finally watched a DTS X movie (London has Fallen) using my Yamaha CX-A5100 running in a 7.1.4 configuration. Sounded great. I’d love for there to be a movie in both DTS X & Dolby Atmos so I could compare.

    1. I updated mine last night and got the “congratulations” I also re-did the sound test with the mic. I figured maybe tonight I could find something to test it out…. I don’t know what is good, but from what I’ve read I apparently know what isn’t good. I’ll be using a ps4 so I don’t have a 4K player. Just standard Bluray DTS-X

    1. Hi Oam, this information has not really been confirmed. There is rumours of international version in DTS:X, and I would imagine the same for Auro, probably in Europe, but as far as I know, the US version will be Atmos only ?

  33. Both DTS and Dolby should apply whatever pressure they can to online purveyors of Blu-Ray (Amazon, et. al.) to list a given disc’s soundtrack in the product specifications. This is not done presently.

    I recently upgraded my sound system to accommodate both DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. I have purchased several movies with a DTS:X soundtrack, and I am very impressed. I’m now interested in buying more, and this desire has revealed an interesting problem. None of the online purveyors of Blu-Ray (Amazon, et al) display the soundtrack in the specifications for Blu-Ray disks for sale. Sometimes, the soundtrack is named in the disc’s title, but it is not in the specs. Consequently, the only discs I can purchase are from local stores so I can read the soundtrack in the fine print on the box. I prefer buying from brick-and-mortar stores, but none are capable of carrying an extensive inventory. This makes online ordering a necessity. I’ve had to return movies to Amazon because they were listed with an enhanced soundtrack on the DTS or Dolby websites, but the movies I received had the old soundtracks. I believe it is up to DTS and Dolby to pressure online retailers to list the soundtrack on all movies.

  34. The UK Blu-ray release of ‘London has Fallen’, does *not* include the DTS-X track. The zone/region free US release does.

    The UK release of ‘Warcraft – The Beginning’ has Dolby Atmos.
    If you look at the disc packing, it’s almost impossible to tell – the text is so tiny, and incredible difficult to read.

    When AC-3 Dolby Digital was introduced on NTSC LaserDiscs, the packaging had a large gold label proudly proclaiming the fact. How times have changed.

    The studios couldn’t care less about immersive audio on Blu-ray.

  35. silly question why is it that blurays dts-x is only available sometimes in only region A ie USA but the same film released in the UK does not have dts-x i am taking here about Ex Machina

    1. Hi Steve ! Sadly it’s because often different studios have the release rights in different countries. It’s the case with Ex Machina where the UK Blu-ray is released by Universal while it is released by Lionsgate in the US.

      1. Steve thanks for the great reply all is clear now but that attitude stops sales ! (which is usual for the UK !!) please please amazon etc start t lost the audio format more clear and stop getting returns !!

    2. also when will amazon etc list the fact that the bluray is in Atmos or DTS-x etc as i often buy thinking the format is dts-x (folowing this web site) only to find it is not so i send the blurays back i ma based based in the UK really like the dts-x and atmos format and try to bu what ever comes out !!

  36. I listened tracks as in Atmos and DTS: X codecs and have ambiguous impression: Atmos track reproduced in great detail, they felt the amount of volume and the work of upper channels. At the same time, DTS:X tracks such impressions do not leave: the sound is flat, the upper channels are not assigned. It may be the case in the firmware of my receiver (Marantz SR7010), but the DTS: X tracks are not impressed.

    1. Interesting feedback! I don’t think this has anything to do with the firmware, from all I read on the topic. What is your speaker setup like? How many channels ? Where are the height placed ?

  37. Hi.
    Have buy warcraft for test dts-x, noted available on Package, but only atmos founded… anyone else ?

    Bd8500/onkyo txnr555.

    (Sorry for bad english,not my language).

    1. Bonjour, je me permets une réponse en français basé sur votre adresse hotmail ! De mon côté, le titre en Amérique du Nord n’a que la piste Atmos, d’où pourquoi je ne le liste que de ce coté.

  38. DTS are trying to force us to buy a UHD player. Shame on them. Dolby shows more respect for consumers. If i buy a 30 dollar movie, i expect DTS:X (if available).

    1. Hi Fred. In that case, you would have to blame the studios who are responsible to decide which format will be on Blu-ray / UHD Blu-ray. DTS/Dolby don’t have a real say on this. And I think the studios want you to pay the extra money for UHD…

  39. Hi. I am paul, avid movie person. Own over 20,000 dvd/blurays. Recently got LG 4k bluray player UP875 model . And mentioned it plays everything, including ATMOS -even DTS-HD and DTS- BUT NOT DTS:X. I even wrote to LG and LG stated it does not play the the DTS:X. BUT CNET article I perused, stated if a bluray player can play DTS and DTS-HD, no problem, that it sounds like the LG player would play the DTS:X movies anyway. Would you agree? Would the LG UP875 play and have same DTS:X sound then??
    If not, I do still retain the SONY bluray player which plays both ATMOS and DTS:X, as does my Yamaha receiver has both DTS:X and ATMOS.
    My email is: wellendowedPAUL@yahoo.com.
    So would you say that the LG UP875 will, should, play and hear the DTS:X track still??
    Thank you.
    -paul, 28november2017-Tuesday

    1. Hi Paul, there is absolutely no reason why the LG Nexus wouldn’t play DTS Master Audio which contains the DTS:X info. Verify your config to make sure this no settings enabled to alter the bitstream. It should definitely work.

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